Read and review all warnings and safety guidelines before use.

For common questions, please see our FAQ

Starting the Fire:

  1. Place the Tabletop Fire Pit on a flat stable fire-resistant surface outdoors and away from anything flammable.
  2. Fill the Burn Chamber with 70% or 90% isopropyl alcohol until it is about 1 inch from the top.
  3. Wipe up any spills promptly With a long handled lighter or long match, ignite.
  4. After ignition, refrain from moving or touching the Tabletop Fire Pit.


Extinguishing the Fire:

  1. NEVER try to blow out the flame.
  2. Carefully place the snuffing lid over the Tabletop Fire Pit.
  3. Remove the lid after 30 seconds while the Tabletop Fire Pit is cooling down to prevent lid warpage from the heat of the Tabletop Fire Pit.
  4. AFTER at least 30 minutes of cooling down, remove any remaining Isopropyl Alcohol in the chamber by pouring out.



  1. Allow to cool for 15 minutes.
  2. Refill, using the same instructions used to initially fill the Tabletop Fire Pit and ignite.



Adhere to all instructions before using the Tabletop Fire Pit. Failure to comply could lead to severe burns or fire hazards, resulting in serious injury or death.

Isopropyl Alcohol is highly flammable and poses significant danger if mishandled. Follow instructions carefully.

Always keep a fire extinguisher nearby in case the fire spreads out of control or the fuel spills.

CAUTION: Hot surface; do not move or touch while lit. Allow exterior to cool for 30 minutes after extinguishing flame before handling.

CAUTION: Clean spilled fuel before lighting Tabletop Fire Pit.

CAUTION: Do not overfill the Tabletop Firepit more than 1 inch from the top.

CAUTION: This product is intended for outdoor use. Indoor use is at your own risk.

CAUTION: Cover unit to extinguish flame before refilling using included Snuffing Lid. Do not add alcohol when lit.

CAUTION: Store fuel away from the Tabletop Fire Pit to avoid potential accidents or ignition.

CAUTION: Always ensure to empty the Burn Chamber when finished using the Tabletop Fire Pit.

CAUTION: Only utilize either 70% or 91% Isopropyl alcohol as fuel; using alternative fuels such as wood, pellets, bioethanol, gelled ethanol, paper, or other fuel types could result in severe injury or death.

CAUTION: Keep clothing and hair away from the Tabletop Fire Pit when lit to prevent the risk of serious injury from fire hazards.

CAUTION: Avoid opening fuel containers near an open flame to prevent the risk of ignition.

CAUTION: Immediately discontinue use if cracks appear or if fuel or flame is visible on the outside of the unit to prevent any potential hazards.

CAUTION: Store fuel securely in a location inaccessible to children or pets, ensuring the lid is tightly secured to prevent any spills or vapors from escaping, which could lead to a fire.

: Utilize the Tabletop Fire Pit exclusively on fire-resistant surfaces like stone, metal, granite, or glass to prevent potential hazards.

CAUTION: Extinguish flames using the provided Snuffing Lid; never attempt to blow them out for safety reasons.

CAUTION: Ensure Tabletop Fire Pit is placed on a flat, stable surface, keeping it clear of flammable materials.

CAUTION: While in use or hot, ensure that flammable objects are kept away from the Tabletop Fire Pit to prevent potential fire hazards.

CAUTION: Use only an extended lighter or long match for ignition, avoiding standard lighters or matches.

CAUTION: Keep the Tabletop Fire Pit out of reach of children and pets at all times to avoid accidents or injuries.

CAUTION: Refrain from any movement or touching of the Tabletop Fire Pit while it's hot or burning to prevent accidents.

CAUTION: Maintain constant supervision, ensuring the Tabletop Fire Pit is never left unattended, and only adults should handle its operation.