Our Story

At FȳreBar, our journey began in the world of concrete furniture. After years of honing our skills and building a reputation, we embarked on an exciting quest to merge our passion for concrete craftsmanship with the captivating allure of fire. Thus, the FȳreBar was born.

Driven by a desire to create a remarkable product, we delved into extensive research and development, meticulously refining materials, shapes, and concepts. Our goal was clear: to bring to market the finest quality alcohol-burning indoor fireplace that would captivate both in use and at rest. We envisioned a statement piece worthy of gracing any dining table—an embodiment of artistry and functionality.

Our journey took us through countless experiments with various concrete blends, seeking the perfect balance of durability, heat resistance, and visual appeal. Concurrently, we embarked on an exploration of shapes and designs, tirelessly iterating until we arrived at the current form. The FȳreBar emerged as an elegant fusion of clean lines and sophisticated functionality—an unrivaled masterpiece in its own right.

As proud craftsmen and women, we take joy in handcrafting each FȳreBar with utmost care at our workshop nestled in the picturesque mountains of Utah. Our commitment to local manufacturing resonates through every step of the process, allowing us to bring you a product that embodies American ingenuity and excellence.

But our mission extends beyond creating exceptional pieces. We believe in the power of personalization, empowering you to make the FȳreBar uniquely yours. Each FȳreBar comes with a wooden snuffing lid that can be laser engraved with your own branding—a subtle yet distinctive touch that elevates the experience and makes it truly your own.

Ultimately, our purpose is to illuminate more than just physical spaces—we strive to kindle ambiance and create moments that linger in your memory. With the FȳreBar dancing enchantingly in your home, you'll experience the mesmerizing interplay of fire and concrete, captivating all who gather around its warm glow.

Join us on this journey as we ignite ambiance, one FȳreBar at a time.



The Team