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FȳreBar Bundle

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Elevate your next party with a charcuterie board featuring the  FȳreBar as the centerpiece! If you're looking for a night in with a book, add a flickering flame to set a cozy atmosphere. Fueled by rubbing alcohol, the FȳreBar is a tabletop fireplace that can be used nearly anywhere. 


Are you gift shopping for someone who buys everything they want? This isn't only a unique product that they likely haven't seen, it also provides an experience that is bound to gather their friends, family, and other loved ones to create lasting memories.


Concrete is a medium that is bold, but doesn't overstep the surrounding decor because of its neutral color. The integrated floating base gives this a modern "floating" appearance while protecting whatever surface it is placed on from heat and scratching. The FȳreBar is bound to enhance your home's current decor. 


Corporate Gift? Wedding Gift? Holiday Gift for family? We can customize your FȳreBar lid however you'd like. Whether it's one cube or one thousand cubes, we can work with you.  Shoot us a message at 





  • The bundle includes a FȳreBar, integrated floating base, Alder wooden snuffing lid, and instructions to use.
  • No smoke or harmful fumes 
  • Lasts up to 1 hour with 8 oz of Isopropyl Alcohol  (but you can always refill it) 
  • Due to the shape, it’s easy for groups to gather around, while still great for personal use 
  • Made in-house in the mountains of Utah




High temperature concrete made to withstand temperatures up to 3000 degrees. Overkill? Perhaps, but thats the price to making the best concrete fireplace.


Length: 17.75 in.
Width: 4.5 in.
Height: 3.25 in.


No maintenence needed. Occasionally there will be a little bit of black soot where the flame touches. Wipe with a wet rag.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Matthew Higgins
Fun and beautiful!

We love our FyreBar so much that we had one sent to our friends! Fantastic product and great customer service!

Lori Radman
A functional statement piece!

Takes every gathering to the next level. It’s beautiful, hygge, and fun! We love it.

Holy Smokes!

Used the bar at a family gathering and it did not disappoint! We roasted S'mores which were *chef's kiss*

Core memories made around the tabletop fireplace. Highly recommend Xo

Kaycee Goerg
The Best Product for Entertaining!

I do not really enjoy throwing parties, mainly because I don’t know what to do to entertain guests. But with the Fyrebar, it makes it so much easier and I have zero stress because guests are entertained AND I don’t have to overthink a dessert!

Kayla H
This created an inviting and relaxing space for my dinner party

I had some old college friends and their husbands over for dinner last week. I pulled this out for dessert afterwards with some s'mores stuff. It made the party so fun! We had a good time even though it was rainy outside. The s'mores roasting ended up being just a tiny part of it, it was really more fun to just sit around a fire with friends and reminiscing on our college memories, while having a relaxing and inviting space. It is perfect for my dining table since it isn't just a tiny circle. I actually left it on the table because I think it looks really good with the smooth concrete and wood combo. Anyhow, I would recommend this to anyone, but particularly to someone that likes to have people over in their home. That's where this shines in my home.